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Visual and Performing Arts (Including Music Education)

New LA Elementary believes strongly that the arts are an integral part of an educational experience and we are dedicated to providing arts education for all of our students. Art is taught explicitly through a curriculum that exposes students to a wide variety of arts education such as visual, performing, media and musical arts. We also integrate arts with the academic curriculum because we recognize that for many students art may be the vehicle through which they access academics or it may be the best medium for students to demonstrate their learning. Classroom teachers and outside consultants work collaboratively to implement the arts program for all students during the school day.

Health and Physical Education

New LA Elementary provides Physical Education for all students at or exceeding the required 200 minutes for every 10 school days. The physical activity portion of our PE curriculum consists of strength training as well as game playing. Playing games in PE makes the exercise fun but also teaches important concepts such as teamwork, good sportsmanship and problem solving skills. In addition, we integrate lessons about anatomy and healthy eating throughout the PE curriculum.


New LA Elementary will have carts of Chromebooks for student use in the classrooms. In addition to using technology for word processing, research, presentations or educational software we feel that it is important for students to also learn about technology. We will bring in the 9 Dots organization’s Get Coding program which will teach students basic computer skills and text based coding. 9 Dots has developed a program that is common core aligned and includes curriculum and professional development for teachers. Get Coding encourages problem solving and critical thinking skills in a fun and engaging way. Students will learn the language of coding and build understanding of technology in a way they don’t normally experience on the usage end.