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After School

New LA Elementary School runs a FREE after school program until 6:00 pm daily.
Program Goals:
  • Provide children with opportunities to participate in educational, youth development, health, safety, cultural & recreational activities and access to services
  • Build partnerships to increase learning opportunities for children
  • Work with communities, schools and organizations to plan, implement, expand, coordinate and evaluate the After School Programs
  • Participate in quality service-learning experiences that address community needs, provide community connections, enhance academic learning, stimulate healthy youth development and promote civic responsibility
Components are aligned with the regular school day: 
  • Enrichments include Storybook Read Aloud, Theme of the Month Activities, and Harvest of the Month.
  • "Brain Power Hour” is aligned with school day academics. It is broken up into Circle Time,  ELA Activities, Shake Break, and Math Activities.
  • Outdoor Organized Playtime 
  • Students receive a snack provided by Revolution Foods every day.
  • Bus rides are provided every day for families who would prefer to pick up their child at the middle school. The bus leaves the elementary at 5:30 and arrives at the middle school by 6:00 pm.