What Parents are Saying

"As a mother of two kindergarteners enrolled in New LA Elementary, I am elated and grateful for such an amazing faculty!!


Starting our third week in New LA Elementary and our children don't want to miss a day! They are already showing signs of progress speaking more and voicing their opinions.


It has been an absolute delight to get to know everyone at the school that is part of our children's life. Even when they don't go to school, I can hear their teachers, coach & everyone in between in their daily conversations with one another. Truly impacting them to make positive choices in school and through out their everyday life.


Thank you all at New LA Elementary for being positive role-models. They feel welcomed and cared for when they come to school. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that their getting an exceptional education as well as making sure they are safe."


Spaces are still available! For information about enrollment, call 323-556-9500 or select "Enroll" from the menu bar above.