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Ms. Mathews is a Southern California native who grew up in Redondo Beach. She earned a B.A. from UCLA in Sociology and Urban Studies and went on to a first career in city planning before pursuing her passion of teaching reading to students for whom reading does not come easily. She received her Education Specialist credential and Master´s in Special Education from Cal State Dominguez Hills, and is currently working toward certification in Structured Literacy from the International Dyslexia Association. Ms. Matthews has been teaching students with autism, learning disabilities and other learning and behavior differences for over 13 years for the Los Angeles and Redondo Beach Unified School Districts. In Redondo, her favorite part of her job was working with parents and general education teachers to successfully transition incoming kinders from special education pre-K centers to inclusive general education kindergarten classrooms. Ms. Matthew's goal as an education specialist is to empower students to understand their own learning strengths and to become self-advocates for their educational success and emotional well-being. Ms. Matthew's loves spending time with her daughter and son, her husband, and the family dog Woody. Her pastimes include listening to music, playing guitar, traveling to Mexico, and hanging out at the beach for any reason!